Thursday, September 18, 2008

Appeal Court in Lockerbie Move

The BBC is reporting that the High Court in Edinburgh will appoint a security-vetted defender, in a closed court session, to view the confidential documents that the SCCRC referred to last year as one area in their recommendation for a 2nd appeal for convicted Pan Am 103 bomber Al-Megrahi. This will be held with the exclusion of Al-Megrahi's own defence team.

"So far the court has not published its decision, but in a letter seen by BBC Scotland, the Foreign Office minister Kim Howells says it has decided to appoint a special defender."

As I stated ealier this year : Quite how the integrity and sincerity of the discussions and any decisions made during this court session on the subject of the withheld document(s), can be guaranteed to the victims families and the public when the intended body of Advocates in place of Megrahi's defence team is determined and vetted by the very ones who are raising the PII while refusing to disclose the document, is unclear.

BBC article here -

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