Friday, May 30, 2008

Lockerbie Appeal Procedural Hearing - Day 3

"Judges order bomb document handover."

This is today's headline in Scotland's The Herald newspaper.

Scotland's top Judge Lord Justice General Lord Hamilton has ordered Advocate General Lord Davidson QC, representing the UK government to present the documents in a private session in the court within the next 7 days. The three Judges sitting for the Megrahi appeal will then determine whether the documents and the PII certificate issued by UK's Foreign Secretary David Miliband is to be upheld or whether full disclosure of the document(s) should be made to Megrahi's defence team.

Non-disclosure, a partial disclosure of the document, or security vetted and UK government endorsed Advocates sitting in place of Megrahi's defence team as has been suggested, would render the continued appeal of Megrahi pointless. The document in question and it's full disclosure forms an integral part of the SCCRC judgement last year that a miscarriage of justice may have taken place during the original trial at Zeist in 2000.

It would appear that the document(s) in question, after being viewed by the investigating Police, the UK government, the Crown office and the SCCRC, has now achieved such sensitivity that the UK government claim it would cause "real harm" to national security and international relations.

The Herald Article -

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