Thursday, May 22, 2008

Desperate Bid To Keep Lockerbie Evidence Secret

The Herald newspaper in Scotland reports today that a further procedural hearing will take place next Tuesday 27th May. The Advocate General representing the UK government is requesting a proposed session, or possible future court sessions in which a document thought to relate to the timer device used in the Lockerbie explosion will be discussed, takes place in a closed door environment.

As I stated in a post on here last year:

"If the Crown have viewed the document(s) in question and the SCCRC have either viewed or clearly know the contents of the document, I fail to see any possible valid reason for it to be withheld from Megrahi's defence team. Even in a possible closed private meeting between the three parties : the Crown, the Defence and the Judge. Surely it is the very least to be expected in any society wishing to uphold truth, fairness and justice?"

However, in a novel twist in keeping with the unusual procedures throughout the whole investigation and trial, the crown wish to exclude Megrahi's defence team from these discussions, and instead appoint their own Advocates on behalf of Mr Megrahi to evaluate whether the document in question, and the PII certificate issued relating to it's disclosure, should be upheld.

Quite how the integrity and sincerity of the discussions and any decisions made during this court session on the subject of the withheld document(s), can be guaranteed to the public when the intended body of Advocates in place of Megrahi's defence team is determined and vetted by the very ones who are raising the PII and refuse to disclose the document, is unclear.

The Herald article here :

BBC article here :

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