Friday, February 15, 2008

Transfer of Prisoners

Today's The Herald newspaper carries an editorial dealing with the implications of the Prisoner Transfer Agreement made between the UK government and Libya, and the consequences of it on Mr Megrahi's ongoing appeal. It would appear that if the Scottish Crown Prosecution team who have been withholding, at least one, pertinent document which casts doubt on the conviction of Megrahi, persist with their obfuscation and evasive tactics in the court, and the appeal process finally fails, Megrahi would be almost certain to be successful in an application for transfer under the agreement.

Yesterday's letter to The Herald newspaper by Jack Straw outlined his view that Scottish Ministers in the Scottish government would have final say on any possible transfer of Megrahi from Scotland back to Libya. However, Alex Salmond the Scottish First Minister has today in response claimed that in a secret letter sent just 4 days ago by Mr Straw he admitted that any decision made by Scottish Ministers could be overturned by a judicial court ruling.

It is clear that Libya, would not under any circumstances, have signed a recent agreement with BP plc (formerly British Petroleum) , and no doubt a number of other agreements which the British public are not privy to, had the assurance of Megrahi's transfer under the PTA not been made explicit by the British government.

It would seem the last hope of any kind of justice or truth for the families of those who died in 1988, lies firmly at the door of the Crown Office, and their disclosure to the court next week of the relevant documents that the Review Commission deemed last June so important that they considered it may constitute a 'miscarriage of justice'.

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