Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crown Refuses To Reveal Secret Document

The Herald newspaper in Scotland reports that the Procedural Hearing to be heard on Thurday 20 December in relation to Al Megrahi's appeal, will discuss a secret document that Megrahi's Defence team have asked to be disclosed to the court, but currently only viewed and held by the Crown.

The Herald's Lucy Adams understands the Crown have refused to disclose the document, or documents, originating from a "foreign source", and this is understood to have resulted in the hearing on Thursday to discuss the matter further.

The SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission), in it's recommendation to send Megrahi's case to appeal in June this year had discovered the document(s) during their investigation.

Megrahi's team will lodge with the Judge, their full grounds for the appeal, on Friday.

The Herald Article -

If the Crown have viewed the document(s) and the SCCRC have either viewed or clearly know the contents of the document, I fail to see any possible valid reason for it to be withheld from Megrahi's defence team. Even in a closed private meeting between the three parties : the Crown, the Defence and the Judge

Surely it is the very least to be expected in any society wishing to uphold truth, fairness and justice?


Prof. Robert Black Q.C. offers his opinion on the newspaper report :

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