Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lockerbie - A Miscarriage Of Justice?

Here is a link to an extensive article in the Jerusalem Post by David Horovitz.
I would support much of the writers assertions and conclusions. However, there are 2 particular areas of this tragic case which were not explored at all, which slightly disappoints me.

First, there is no reference to the alleged vip's who were pulled from that specific flight - and if this suggestion is accepted, by whom were they warned?

Second, reference is made to the US intelligence team inc. Maj. McKee, returning to New York, but none to the young man who's picture appeared in UK newspapers very early into the investigation as the apparent unsuspecting bomber: Kahled Jafaar.

With such a crucial question left by the author at the end of his article ;"Would the British and American governments be prepared to mount so extensive a cover-up for the expediency of keeping Syria onside during the first Gulf War and avoiding irritating Iran? It seems inconceivable", would these two additional theories I have mentioned not have merited further examination?

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