Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lockerbie - Where Is The Outrage?

Pressure. Claims. Explanation. Alleged. Disclosure.

Why oh why are we still tip-toeing around, carefully choosing our words, awaiting explanations?

Somehow, still, after all that has transpired, we are again putting faith in those entrusted with upholding the Law of the land to resolve the discrepancies that have come to light, when it is they themselves have clearly conspired with agencies, individuals and foreign governments who wish to divert the us from the truth in the investigation of the murder of 270 people?

It would appear that there are, in what we term our 'democratic' and 'free' society, groups and individuals who are accountable to no-one. We are surrounded by liars, hypocrites and those who say they follow the rule of law, while doing whatever they damn well like if the desired result is the conclusion they would seek.

It is absolutely clear, to even the most docile, that we have an innocent man languishing in a Scottish Prison, put there by individuals who have performed every deceitful, illegal manoeuvre available. They have manipulated the due course of Law. They have suppressed vital and legitimate evidence. And they have capitulated to the subterfuge of international Politics and Governments - all paid for by the UK taxpayer.

The apparent indifference and lack of column inches in the Western media devoted to this monumental injustice, which stretches the length and depths of the national judiciary, the investigating Police forces, those publicly voted into political office, those involved in intelligence and others in positions of power and authority, is simply staggering. Those we assume are in their positions of power and knowledge in order to uphold our security, our protection and our convictions of basic rights in law and truth, have failed us inordinately. Not only in the deaths of 270 innocent people, but then to additionally confound the resulting investigation into discovering their insufficiency, while hoping to discover the true perpetrators for nearly two decades.

It is bewildering and tragic. An almost bigger tragedy than those poor souls who lost their lives on 21 December 1988, is all those who have employed duplicity and conspired in their intentions to keep appropriate justice due to those very people who died on 103, and on the ground in Lockerbie.

The US and UK government have created a ‘National Security’ which only serves to prohibit ordinary people from the truth under the pretence that it is in the publics benefit not to know, and provides those with power, authority and those attuned sympathetically such as judges and lawyers ‘on the inside’ with the cloak of protection to carry out the very injustices and hidden agenda’s we have witnessed.

Where is the outcry from the media and politicians? Where are the demands to explain? Where are the steps to bring to account those who have lied on matters involving our ‘national security’? Instead we slowly trudge along with almost tacit acception that those same people who have brought shame on Britain and the US by their deceit, will somehow have the fortitude and conscience to act honestly and admit their complicity in this injustice.

We in the UK and US present ourselves as the moral, political and legal policemen of the world, but we have no moral, legal or political right to behave as such when our own countries and governments are built on corruption, mass murder and exploitation. It is shameful state of affairs and a rude awakening to all of us in our purported principles of democracy, and taken as granted, social equality and justice.



Anonymous Robert said...

The withholding of evidence by the investigators and the prosecution from the defense at the Lockerbie court is a serious breach of the fundamental norms of a fair trial. If such action occurs on the basis of a written commitment given to a foreign intelligence service, as has now been revealed concerning crucial evidence related to the timer that allegedly triggered the explosion of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, the judicial nature of the entire proceedings is to be put into question.


12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gadaffi lover? The Leftists and Eurabians re-assured him that he could get away with bloody murder; thus Lockerbie; thus the bloody PIRA 1990's campaign (which Kaddafi based, trained, armed and financed from Tripoli

12:52 PM  
Blogger Harrison said...

This outrage has brought shame against our great nation of Scotland. Alex Samond & Gordon Brown have brought shame & disgrace upon us all & have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they are not worthy to call themselves Scots. They have just proven that individually they are supporters of terrorism across the globe & should be held accountable on war crimes themselves. This outrage is a disgrace & is a slap in the face to all our brave hero's of all nations across the globe who are out there putting themesleves on the line in the battle fields risking their lives bravely, only to have the politicians show them complete & utter contempt. I urge all scots to rise up & oust Alex & Gordon from their positions & the Queen should disolve parliment & bring about a new government. If only there were one who showed the least bit of honour because there is not one party in the UK who shows any sort of loyalty to any of us. I urge this message be posted around the globe & to the White House in Washington to show the Americans that we as a nation condem the actions that have been taken in Scotland

3:24 PM  

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