Monday, October 08, 2007

Father of Lockerbie Victim Offers Help To Bomber

The man convicted at Court Zeist in 2000 of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, was offered financial assistance in his appeal by Jim Swire who's daughter Flora died on Pan Am 103.

This incredible act of philanthropy by Mr Swire, merely reinforces his conviction of Megrahi's innocence in the bombing of 103, and essentially the murder of his daughter. Mr Swire has been an active member in the British Lockerbie Families, and offered the Megrahi's defense team $500,000 when the lawyers had made it known that the fund for it's defense of their client was drying up. Determined to not allow what Mr Swire describes as an 'innocent man' languish in a Scottish Jail, he had decided to offer some of the settlement that Libya had made to the 103 families in it's admission of responsibility of the bombing.
There are those on hearing this news have wasted little time in taking this opportunity to have a swipe at Mr. Swire with all kinds of personal insults such as 'hypocrite' and 'paranoid'. These very same people, some of who are other family members to have lost a loved one on 103, have been conspicuous by their silence in respect to much of the other revelations that have been reported recently. It is sad they appear to wish to concentrate their energy and indignation towards someone who wishes nothing other than the truth, and whatever that may take, rather than make comment on the conflicting, fabrication and suppression of evidence which has become clear in the time since the trial at Zeist. All these recent revelations give clear indication that a miscarriage of justice may have taken place, and these individuals in their silence is testimony to their tacit approval of any injustice as long as it meets and agrees with their long held prejudices.
As Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer who has conducted his own investigation in the Lockerbie tragedy recently stated: "Shame on those who committed this horrific act of terror. Shame on those who have ordered the cover-up. Shame on those who provided false testimony, and those who suppressed and fabricated the evidence needed to frame Libya. And shame on the media for their accomplice silence."



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