Monday, September 17, 2007

Maltese Double Cross

The Maltese Double Cross by Alan Francovich.

This film has been prohibited in the UK and US under threat of legal action since it was made in 1994. Ch4 did show it in 1996, ignoring the threats. It has never been shown in the US. The reluctance of these country's to show the film and cast doubt on it's credibility is obvious as you watch the film, as it clearly contradicts the 'official' version of events leading up to the Lockerbie tragedy.

Much of the details and persons featured in the film have been virtually ignored by the official investigators and subsequent Camp Zeist court case in 2000. All governments lie, some more than others, and the bigger the lie becomes, the harder it is to keep the story straight. The Lockerbie investigation and the version we're all supposed to believe is so full of holes, it merely adds credibility to this film.

Sadly the quality is not great, but I have a better copy on video which I plan to upload shortly.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload. A film worth watching.


12:43 AM  

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