Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lockerbie Appeal Drags On.....

Professor Robert Black QC has today voiced his dissatisfaction at the length of time the appeal of Megrahi is taking through the Scottish court, and the obstructive and hindering tactics employed by the crown throughout the appeal since the recommendations made by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission a year ago.

It would appear that there are in what we term our 'democratic' and 'free' society, groups and individuals who are accountable to no-one. We are surrounded by liars, hypocrites and those who say they follow the rule of law, while doing whatever they damn well like if the desired result is the conclusion they would seek.

It is absolutely clear, to even the most docile, that we have an innocent man languishing in a Scottish Prison, put there by individuals who have performed every deceitful illegal manoeuvre available, manipulated the due course of Law, suppressed vital and legitimate evidence and capitulated to the subterfuge of international Politics and Governments - all paid for by the UK taxpayer.

The crown in the Megrahi appeal, under instruction of the UK government, have created a ‘National Security’ which only serves to prohibit ordinary people from the truth under the pretence that it is in the publics benefit not to know, and provides those with power, authority and those attuned sympathetically such as judges and lawyers ‘on the inside’ with the cloak of protection to carry out the very injustices and hidden agenda’s we have witnessed.

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