Friday, August 14, 2009

The Price Scotland Will Pay For Lockerbie

If the rumours circulating that the only man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am 103 will eventually drop his appeal in return for his repatriation home under 'compassionate release', Scotland's judicial system will be stained forever. We have been assured by the Scottish Justice Department that Megrahi has not been pressured into making the decision to drop his appeal in exchange for 'compassionate release.' However, the rule of law has long been abandoned in this case.

History will judge the whole investigation, the court case and the resulting inexplicable judgement with disbelief and shame. Those empowered within the judicial and political system, will be for the most part, viewed as party to the most monumentally unjust criminal trials and one of the most disgraceful legal episodes in all of Scotland's history. When truth, justice for all the victims and the fundamental democratic structures in society were suppressed in favour of political expedience.

Over 20 years later, the truth, and hope that the true perpetrators will ever be held responsible, has been vanquished. From this forlorn position we can only hope future generations will ensure the police, political and judicial processes are reformed and strengthened to never again allow external influences, no matter how powerful or manipulative, to deviate the due process of law and social democracy.

A Public Enquiry, which may be the final bastion, and something that many have called for since the tragedy in 1988, would be the first small step to remedy Scotland's deficient political and justice system.

Those responsible, if not accountable, for the improper conduct in the initial investigation and court proceedings would be exposed, while pathing the way for what truths can still be discovered in who was responsible for ordering the bombing of Pan Am 103.

If this is not for the immediate benefit of all in Scotland, as is likely given the wrongdoing it will reveal, then at the very least for the victims and their tolerent families who have undergone the greatest of heartache and frustration throughout this whole debacle.



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